Turkey's Largest Smart Warehouse Management Event opens its doors to you in İstanbul on Thursday, May 23, 2024.

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2024 | MEXT Teknoloji Merkezi Ataşehir



SWM SUMMIT, a PRONTO EVENTİ event with groundbreaking industry growth and innovation since 2014, returns. 200+ industry attendees, an incredible array of speakers, actionable topics, and impactful session content. The only event where only relevant end-user professionals are present, offering unique comparisons and lead generation opportunities.

On this beautiful day, we would like to state that we would be pleased to share experiences and all up-to-date information with you.





  • The Importance of Artificial Intelligence Warehouses in E-Commerce Logistics
  • Putting Sustainability at the Heart of your Smart Warehouse & Distribution
  • Warehouses & Logistics – Using Smart Classes to Deliver Fast, Accurate & Effective Customer Service
  • In house Developed Warehouse Management System
  • The Fully Automated Warehouse: Advantages and Benefits on Warehouse Operations
  • Transforming a Legacy Automated Warehouse for a Single Customer into a Flexible & Efficient Multi-User Site
  • The New DNA of Warehouse Management Systems
  • Importance of implementation of robotics and I0T in Smart Warehouses
  • Learning the art to building the right teams for building future warehouses.
  • Fully integrated control of mechanization and robots
  • Real time resource planning
  • Making warehouses smart for better mobility and higher accuracy
  • How “green” do you have to be to convince an increasingly demanding customer?
  • Where are we today in terms of time and cost of implementation and choice of automated storage systems?
  • How much do automatic storage systems cost now and how likely is it to decrease with rising energy prices?
  • How does the decision to invest in automated storage systems affect the need to build teams of qualified workers and where to find them?
  • Important places in the warehouse – it is possible to robotize and where to pay
  • Autonomous transport and new generation planning systems where mobile robots are proving themselves
  • Human-friendly robotic picking in an eCommerce Warehouse
  • Palletization – industrial robots or MoMa robots – mobile controllers – how does it work?
  • How to finance innovation in robotization?
  • Business cases: – Autonomous forklifts – real alternative or theory?
  • Mobile pallet packing robots – how effectively can they replace a worker?
  • Identify the difference between manually and automated warehouses
  • Understand how the integration of robotics, automated equipment and augmented reality across supply chain can create an agile, responsive network that quickly adapts to changing circumstances
  • The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Warehouse Technologies
  • Transformation of e-Warehouses with Artificial Intelligence
  • Encouraging continuous improvement leading towards an innovative and involved workforce
  • Automated Warehouse Design Challenges: Maximising your Warehouse Productivity!
  • Establishing Warehousing Contribution Towards Organization’s Sustainability Goals
  • How do warehouse locations and decision making affect sustainability?
  • How does intelligent warehouse design structure maximize space without expanding your warehouse facility?
  • “Vision Picking” in the Warehouse – Augmented Reality in Logistics
  • Riding the next big wave of change in the logistic industry by using augmented reality technology
  • Improving operations during transportation, last mile delivery and value-added service through augmented reality application in your organization
  • Sharing the success stories of smart glasses and augmented reality pilot projects in a Warehouse
  • Case Study – Robotics vs Human: How Automation will Change the Supply Chain in the New Decade
  • Assessing possible human-machine collaboration hours and the resulting productivity
  • Autonomous devices: The effects and implications on an organization and its jobs
  • How reliable are new autonomous devices?
  • The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on the Warehousing and Distribution
  • The adoption of cloud and mobile technologies has changed many industries and transformed supply chains
  • The next wave of disruption will come from combining cloud and mobile with IoT, Big data analytics and machine learning
  • Explore how logistic businesses are leveraging this innovation and case studies on how DB Schenker is embracing these opportunities
  • Case Study – Leveraging on Smart Technologies to Optimize Your Warehouse Processes for Higher Productivity and Lower Operational Cost
  • Gaining end-to-end visibility throughout the Supply Chain
  • Aligning warehouse operations with key business goals
  • Implementing equipment to automate warehousing processes and operations
  • Establishing flexibility and agility in the warehouse


09:00-09:20 - Ayfer Saltan Oladi - İcra Kurulu Üyesi - IT, GLOBELINK UNIMAR
Volkan Yalçın - Depo ve Yurtiçi Dağıtım Direktörü, GLOBELINK UNIMAR
Subject: Logistics and Warehouse Management
09:20-09:40 - Sedat Çalımsız - Endüstri ve Ürün Pazarlama Müdürü, OMRON TÜRKİYE
Subject: All the Technologies You Need For Logistics and Warehouse Automation
09:40-10:00 - Özge Alkılınç Şahin - Lojistik Süreçlerinden Sorumlu Genel Müdür Yardımcısı, LC WAIKIKI
Subject: Selection of the "Right" Technology in Warehousing & Logistics
10:00-10:20 - Emre Eker - Sales & Projects Director, LODAMASTER
Subject: The Conquest of Warehouses by Robots
10:20-10:40 - Korkud Kılınç - Sales Director, ZENITH
Subject: To Be Able to Use Different Technologies in a Way that Increases Efficiency in the Warehouse
Ayfer Saltan Oladi
Volkan Yalcin
Sedat Calimsiz
Ozge Alkilinc Sahin
Emre Eker
Korkud Kilinc

Coffee Break



11:00-11:20 - Akın Saka – Robotik Satış Müdürü, ÜÇGE DRS Depo Raf Sistemleri
Subject: The Future of Logistics Technology: SMART WAREHOUSES
11:20-11:40 - Murat Kafkas - Genel Müdür ve Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi, LUNA GROUP
Subject: Automatic Recognition and Data Collection industry transformation processes and Field Management Software
11:40-12:00 - Yiğithan Koç - Proje Satış Müdürü, SETSİS
Subject: The Importance of Hardware and MDM in Warehouse Automation
12:00-12:20 - Çağlar Yılmaz - Genel Müdür, FUODIX
Subject: Warehouse Management Systems: Intelligent Transformation in Logistics
Akin Saka
Murat Kafkas
Yigithan Koc
Caglar Yilmaz

Lunch Time



13:30-14:00 - Erdil Yaşaroğlu - Karikatürist
Subject: Çizgilerle PAPERWORK
14:00-14:20 - Cengiz Dolunay Sr. Sales Engineer, ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES
Subject: Making Modern Storage a Reality
14:20-14:40 - Erhan Yüce - Proje Geliştirme Müdürü – Lojistik Operasyonlar, TATKO LASTİK
Subject: Sustainability in the Logistics Activities of the Tire Sector
14:40-15:00 - Yalçın Özsoy - Kurucu Ortak, TRUWISE
Subject: Artificial Intelligence Opportunities and Achievements in Storage Systems
15:00-15:20 - Utku Genç Tedarik Zinciri ve Lojistik Grup Müdürü, MİGROS EV DISI TUKETIM
Subject: Efficient Use of Storage Space and Sustainability
Erdil Yasaroglu
Cengiz Dolunay
Erhan Yuce
Yalcin Ozsoy
Utku Genc

Coffee Break



15:40-16:00 - Prof. Dr. Ezgi Uzel Aydınocak - Lisansüstü Programlar Enstitüsü Direktörü, BEYKOZ ÜNİVERSİTESİ
Subject: The Importance of Artificial Intelligence Warehouses in E-Commerce Logistics
16:00-16:20 - Altay Kermooğlu - Tedarik Zinciri Direktörü, DÜZEY
Konu: Yapay Zeka ile Bölge Depo Dağıtım Operasyonları Optimizasyonu
16:20-16:40 - Recep Çevik - Lojistik Operasyon Müdürü, METRO TÜRKİYE
Subject: Dynamics of Food Logistics
16:40-17:00 - İsmail Çelikmez - Tedarik Zinciri Direktörü, AGT AĞAÇ
Subject: Human Management in the Supply Chain after Changing Technology
17:30 - CLOSING
Prof. Dr. Ezgi Uzel Aydinocak
Altay Kermooglu
Recep Cevik
Ismail Celikmez


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